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Mathematics for JHS 1, 2 & 3

Covid-19 has forced us out of school since March. That’s a full two terms’ work gone.

This online Maths tutorial is intended to:

  • help restore some of the lost instrucional hours
  • introduce students to the new world of e-learning
  • give students their personal teaching assistant who is always available
  • enhance the performance of students by giving them the ability to take tests/quizzes as many times as they can, and to receive immediate feedback
This online maths tutorials shall consist of:
  • daily lessons in the form of text and audio (videos to be included where necessary in order to manage the consumption of internet data bundle)
  • daily quizzes/tests
  • an additional Telegram platform (to be created where necessary)
  • automatic grading/scoring of quizzes/tests
  • a leaderboard which ranks the scores of all students and shows the top 50
  • a forum for asking questions and getting answers, open 24/7
Start date : Monday 12 October, 2020
Duration : 3 months
End date :  Tuesday 12 January, 2021
Price :  GH₵30
In the mean time, enjoy the Mathematics and ICT past questions on the homepage.
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